Honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades, get their name from bonding one continuous piece of fabric, trapping air between layers. This design provides insulation and protection from light sources to control the amount of light allowed into a room. The “combs” add a distinct and modern appearance and function as a system to trap air—helping manage the room’s environment via sound, light, and temperature control.

This total control over the room’s physical environment makes honeycomb shades the preferred choice for many homeowners. Electing for total privacy, a darker atmosphere, or a more sunlit morning are all possible with the honeycomb shades technology.


During the winter months, you can find the floors of your bedroom icy after a deep-freeze overnight. With honeycomb shades, your insulation improves throughout the home (wherever you are using shades of this nature).

You can retain the heat in your home, and block out the cold air that can accumulate and “sneak” through the cracks of your windows. During the summer months, this insulation effect keeps the heat from spreading throughout your home. The ability to reduce light also helps in this regard, and your A/C bills can remain reasonable as you require less cooling and allow for less warmth to enter your home.

Whether the season is hot or cold, you can rest assured that your honeycomb shades can help keep your energy bills low and your home temperatures comfortable.

Sleek and Space-Friendly

There are many options for shades that control lighting and room temperature, however Honeycomb shades take up less space than other options. These shades are specifically designed for light control, and as opposed to other shades, their multiple layers of fabric are stronger for light control, temperature maintenance and noise-cancelling properties. If you’re looking for a nice, quiet afternoon in your living room as a respite during the day, you can be sure that honeycomb shades will help you control the light and reduce sound to procure that relaxing environment.

Excellent for Bedrooms and Bathrooms, Living Rooms or Dining Rooms

If you’re looking to create a quiet, ambient space for you and your family to relax, then honeycomb shades are an excellent home design choice. While you cannot fully darken a room to pitch black, you can still reduce intrusively harsh lighting, so that you can enjoy a peacefully lit dinner space, movie area, or bedroom with a calming effect. Likewise, the design of honeycomb shades’ fabric allows for additional privacy while still allowing some light to stream in, so it’s a great option for bathrooms, or for your bedroom to create a desired atmosphere.



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