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Do you love to have a clear view through your windows? The shades category include light weight, low stack window covering products that allow you to have the coverage for privacy, insulation, or ultra-violet protection just for when you need it. All other times, you can keep your window covering virtually out of site. An added feature for some shades is a top down, bottom up option. With this you can maintain coverage (for privacy) on the lower portion of your window while enjoying your view through the upper part of your window.

Roller Shades offer a nice modern look that are easy to maintain. We have hundreds of roller shade fabrics to choose from. We sell many blackout vinyl roller shades as well as beautiful polyesters with vinyl backing for effective room darkening. We have decorative semi-opaque cloth with varying levels of privacy and light filtering, and many options for solar shades for heat deflection and ultra-violet protection. We are very careful in matching the right roller shade with the appropriate window. For instance, if you need privacy in your living room at night, placing a solar shade in those windows may do a lovely job of filtering the light and keeping the room cool during the day, but in the evening they would create a fish bowl effect. There are lots of options when it comes to customizing the right roller shade for you. We are very thorough in customizing all of the final touches including valances, chain, hem bars, and side channels. Colour coordination of all componentry is key.

Roman Shades offer the soft romantic look with folds of fabric stacking at the top of the window when raised. The top down, bottom up option is available with Roman Shades. They can be made with beautiful fabrics, solar shade materials and woven woods (such as bamboo, woods and grass cloths.) Sheer Draperies are also available through Springs Artisan Drapery programme. We have a great selection of fabrics, roman styles and control options. We bring the store to you to provide actual hand samples and swatches to make the best choice for your home.

Honeycomb Shades can be viewed in detail here.

Pleated Shades are another pleated option besides honeycomb. There are a few differences. Pleated shades have more fabric designs, colourful combinations and textures, where honeycomb are more subdued in colour and more of a light spun fabric. Pleated shades are usually limited in width as the fabrics are more like bolt widths. The lift cords run through the fabric making the holes visible and must have lining added for extra privacy or blackout. With honeycomb shades, they can be made very wide (over 100″) in single shades, no seams or overlaps and the lift cords run within the shade and not visible from the front of the fabric.