The best sheer blinds are ones that give you the option of closure and privacy but also the muted view-through for an elegant effect and soft light filtering. For a sheer horizontal shade, Hunter Douglas’ Silhouette Shade is a great option for the beautiful sheer choices and vane fabrics they come in, the high-quality finishes, unique control options and their limited lifetime warranty. Their Power-rise system for motorization is fantastic, with iPad and iPhone control interfaces as well. For a sheer vertical shade, Hunter Douglas has the amazing Luminette, which is so beautiful with its pleat header. We have many cost-effective sheers from several reputable suppliers that run on a vertical track and have PVC vertical lever inserts, so you can have full closure for privacy and light control.

Patio Doors

Window coverings for patio doors are often an area that requires a lot of discussion during consultations. The options for patio door window coverings are endless and the right choice for you will depend on many factors including usage of the patio door, budget and preferences. Some options are PVC or fabric verticals, soft vertical sheers, panel track shades, shutters or blinds. One of our most popular options is the Vertiglide Honeycomb Shade, which slides from side to side.

Specialty Shapes

There are many specialty shapes that we have provided solutions for over the years. The most common is the perfect arch or eyebrow window. Our most common window treatment is the custom cut-on-site 2″ faux wood or 2″ aluminum Venetian. We can have the arch or eyebrow as a separate functioning tilting blind independent of the window below it, or we can have them combined to control the tilting of the arch and bottom blind simultaneously. You can see this same style of 2″ Venetian done on angle tops, angle bottoms, and even triangle-shaped windows.

Another product that can be used is honeycomb shades which are available in some angle top, angle bottom and arches. The qualifying specifications have to be reviewed once the window is measured to see what will work.

Specialty Windows

We have become the tilt and turn window experts. We have worked on many homes with these specialty windows and doors to provide the best options possible. Most clients prefer not to cover their window trim which would happen if their blinds were mounted on the wall above the windows to allow their windows to tilt in at the top or to swing all the way in. By choosing slim profiled blinds, we can mount to the tilt and turn window itself. We illustrate the extent to which you can still open your windows swinging in with an in-depth consultation demonstrating with full blind hand samples. With the right product, expert advice and professional fitting, you can enjoy all that these specialty windows have to offer.



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